Digital Store front

Vox is able to work in conjunction with our clients to make it easier for the stores to order and receive everything they need through digital storefronts.  What this means is there is a custom portal for certain customers where they can order there products for certain time periods, sales, or an on going method of marketing material fulfillment.  At Vox we work daily to make improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency we provide in helping our customers, Digital storefronts is one of the areas that we are always working on.  We are able to manage certain constraints for example budgets per region through these digital storefronts.  Digital storefronts are the future of the ordering production and fulfillment.

Vox Premiums

Vox has established there self into the premiums/ self-promo market because we realized that our customers had a need for it.  WE specialize in premiums because of our short runs, low inventory, they are customizable, fast turn around times, and competitive pricing.  These items can be great give away items for prizes, or just at events.  Premiums and give always are a perfect way to boost your business and get people excited about a small giveaway.  

Mail House

Vox is not a typical mail house but with our clients we have grown to learn the industry and have become very efficient in picking the right service for each and every single client.  We do everything from direct mail with list, to planning out every door direct mail routes, and are always researching new options that the postal service may offer to help our clients.  We can do everything from planning your routes for your every door direct mail, all the way to just mailing everything to your mailing list.  If you have a need as far as mail services go,  we will figure out how to accommodate your needs.  


Vox also offers installations for customers.  Our staff can come to you with what you want done and install it how you want it.  We do anything from window graphics to hardware installs, what ever the customer needs is what we do.  We have a vision, plan, and execute every install and are known for our quality work.  

Instructions/ Hardware

With every job Vox is on top of taking your project from start to finish.  When an item is ordered we insure that you are getting all the proper hardware along with all the instructions to display everything properly.  The instruction sheets come with step-by-step written and pictured directions to make set up as simple as possible.  At Vox, we do not skip steps, or take the easy way out, we take care of our customers until the end.